Week 7 activity

Hey Bloggers,

This weeks activity is about school. I have chose to tell you my top ten wish list for our school Tuck shop.

  1. Donuts
  2. Beef burgers
  3. Hot chips
  4. Fru chocs3085966623
  5. Fish and Chips
  6. The old apple juice
  7. Tim Tams
  8. French onion dip
  9. Subway cookies.
  10. Fruit chews

Week 6 Game

This week we played a game. Here are my comments that I commented on other peoples blogs from the Flip Book. I chose game 2. Here are my comments:

Tsunami Post, Japan 2011

Hi my name is Emma and I am from Australia,

I really love you story of the tragic tsunami that occurred in Japan.

Right now in school we are learning about tsunamis and how they happen.

I love how it was very easy to follow and interesting to read. Great Job!


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From Emma


Halloween, best candies

Hi it is Emma,

when I read your blog post I was interested because in Australia we don’t have some of those candies. In Australia Halloween isn’t as big but I still love to do it.

I love how you had some facts about the different candies. I learnt so much more.


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Emma, Australia


Zip line, 840 m Long!

Hi my name is Emma and I am from Australia,

I really value the effort into this post. It is very fascinating how long the zip line was. I have done zip lines before but not that long.

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Week 5 activity

This week it was free choice. I decided to make a word search for all my visitors. To play the game you may need to print it off as it isn’t online. I used this creative website to make the game: http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com/WordSearchSetupForm.asp?campaign=flyout_teachers_puzzle_wordcross If you enjoy the game how about you make one your self!


Mrs. Yollis’ classroom Blog

Part of week 4 of the Student blogging challenge we were asked to comment on a blog chose by Mrs W. I chose Mrs Yollis. She showed me 3 different games that I would really like to play. My favourite would be sour apple.

To have a look your self go check out here blog. Here is her link:


We were asked to write a comment and this is what I said:

Hi I’m Emma from Australia,

In Australia now it is finally getting warmer after a very wet winter. I have watched your videos and loved them. My favourite would have to be the sour apple one. I might even try it my self. At lunch I love to walk around and play games. My favourite game would be chasey. Chasey is when you run and try and tag someone. When the It person tags them then that person is it.

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Kind regards

Emma J


Language Features Story

My adrenaline was rushing as fast as a cheetah. The wind was whistling and pushing all the trees down. The beach was foaming and becoming a bit of a problem. There were people screaming as loud as a siren when they noticed what was happening. A man knocked on our door saying loudly, “tsunami, tsunami move move!”. We left all of our stuff and ran for our lives. I told mum a million times to get dad out of the pool quickly so we could leave. Dad came and we left and ran. Sadly we saw that it was coming closer. Once we were safe it crushed our hotel in just seconds! All I could here was screaming. Once it kind of stopped, the whole town was flooded and there was nothing left of the town. We had no where to stay or had anything left. CRASH BANG there goes my favourite café. How are we going to leave said mum…

word count= 161



My Avatar

Here is my Avatar. My avatars name is “Emma the Crazy one”. Although my avatar does NOT look like me at all we have some similarities. My avatar is a cross with an Elephant, Zebra, Butterfly, Human and Flamingo. I’m similar to this because I love animals and these are most of my favourites. I chose the Elephant because I have always wanted to ride an elephant and because they are so beautiful and I love watching them in the Melbourne Zoo. I chose the Butterfly because I went to a butterfly farm on a holiday and I loved it. I have also chosen a Zebra because I generally love them and I love stripes as I have many striped tee-shirts. I also chose the Flamingo because I like the colour pink and I love how they can stand on one leg all day pretty much. Last but not least human. This is quite obvious because I am a human.

Here is my Avatar:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 7.33.00 PM


I have learnt when you use a picture on your blog it isn’t always allowed legally. If you take the photo by yourself, you can post it because you already have the credit and you own it. You can also you this website: http://www.photosforclass.com/. This creative website is very useful because it already has the bibliography there for you. You are allowed to use these photos because there are already credits for it also a bibliography like the photo above. Just make sure next time when you post a photo it is yours or from that website.:)512562593 (1)